Ready to change your life?

     Through the power of intuitive connection,

    Reiki and Positive Psychology;

    I guide women back to alignment &

back to their soul’s purpose.



Sometimes life is hard and it can cost us the knowing that we are whole, the knowing that we’re born with, that we are enough. This can cause us to look outside ourselves to fill the space of that knowing. To feel complete again, we reach for anything that allows us to simultaneously disconnect from our feelings and feel good for a moment; drugs, alcohol, people, food, even exercise. And while these fillers do the trick, temporarily, they work to create an even deeper disconnect from ourselves and more reasons to look outside of ourselves - creating an endless cycle.

And sometimes our life looks different than it is, right? We have a dope job, a kickass fitness routine, awesome friends and a partner who loves us but still, we know, we definitely know, that we’re not living our soul’s purpose and within the wholeness that is our birthright. Instagram says one thing while our soul is desperate for something more.

How do I know all this? Lemme tell you.

I used drugs, alcohol, men, food and fitness to numb my feelings for 20 years. Finally, in 2015 I woke up one morning with a hangover, next to a man who I loved, who didn’t love me. Even though the same scenario had played out countless times before, that was the morning enough was enough. I was done being unreliable, done with living outside of my truth, deep in my ego and absolutely done with the self-loathing that comes along with running away from my soul. I. Was. Done.

I knew I couldn’t get through my self-sabotage alone so I hired a coach and he helped me illuminate places that hadn’t seen light for years.

I set an intention to look at my truths and my traumas, no matter what it took.

It was finally time for my massive and heart-bursting change.

Truth time; it wasn’t easy. At all.

With massive change came massive heartache, loneliness and relapses. But here’s the thing; it ultimately brought a change so radical, it was impossible to ignore. I slowly started to feel whole again and was reminded just how fiercely powerful I am.  

I want you to know what that feels like too.

My mission is to help women heal themselves so they can heal the world. I teach and encourage integration through connecting to our bodies while doing the emotional and mental heavy lifting of connecting to our hearts. I am a truth teller and I promise to tell you yours.

Right now, women are engaged in the fight of our lives, we are ready to shift the world back to health and harmony. You must be there with us girl, healed, whole and embodied in your power.