Musings on intention setting and the powerful cycle of the Moon.


This weekend I learned a little about setting intentions in the light (or lack thereof) of the New Moon with the help of my girl Adriana Koc-Spadaro,

I'll be honest with you, the back half of 2017 hasn't been easy & in fact, the past 5 months have have been some of the most challenging of my life. Personally, I've experienced immense loss & immense grief & alongside that my family continues to battle illness & pain of all sort. In the wake of all this tragedy & trauma I've been challenged to put one foot in front of the other, let alone manifest my greatest desires & work towards healing the world. Getting out of bed has been my greatest daily achievement lately.

While I've given myself a wide berth & filled that space with rest, I've been itching to do some creative work on my business & self but had no clue where to start & well, see last sentence of last paragraph.

Enter Adriana with fried chicken & wise words on Friday night. While I'm no stranger to intention setting, I knew nothing of the moon's power to magnify them & she taught me a little about the power of setting intentions on the New Moon & last night I put pen to paper. I set intention to create & heal to work & rest & to stretch where needed & pull back where needed. It felt so good to step outside of my current state & to feel what the future has in store.

My point is this, we shape our lives with our intentions, even in our darkest hours, we are the author of our lives. So if you're stuck in the weeds take out a pen & write your way out (s/o Hamilton). Even just one sentence - "I want to move forward from here" - then close your eyes & imagine yourself moving forward in specific & clear terms.

Never, ever, doubt your power to change your own life. (Reminder for me & you both).

Megan Soutar