4 Pillars of Alignment

Do you ever feel like a whole new you is emerging? Yeah, me too.

I get this feeling I’ve been granted the luck of living two lives this time around & that 40 will be the year I burn the bridge linking me to my old life. The match is already lit. This second life feels like the life I have been waiting for and I credit that feeling to me living more aligned with my values and my soul's purpose than ever before.

Here's 4 easy ways to know if you're living in alignment:

  1. You clear conflict with ease, most of the time, & experience less conflict day to day. You take ownership of our own shit & encourage your fam to do the same, with kindness.
  2. You treat yourself and everyone you come into contact with with love. Yes, even behind the wheel and on social media.
  3. You know that signs of anxiety and depression are messages from your physical body to your brain that your emotional / energetic / nervous system is in distress. You’re able to recognize these messages as information rather than permanent states and ask ourselves what we need from within to feel better.
  4. You align yourself with people who lift you up. Period. No options.

Disclaimer: Why live a life surrounded by people who tear you down via general low vibe behaviour? This is not a dis on those people but a reminder that we have choice. Unlike my old ways of being, we don’t have to burn these relationships to the ground, we can set boundaries, we can love our loved ones from afar if we need to & we can always, always, always invite them to level up.

My friend and coach Mark Groves (or as he's commonly known, @createthelove) continuously asks me to level up, socially and professionally, and I consider each time he's done that an invite to my greater self and a learning moment. Who's doing that for you?

If no one has asked you lately; let me extend this permanent & explicit invite: you are invited to join me on this ride as my friend, as part of my online community or as a client. I’d love to bear witness to your bridge burning ceremony. 

If you've been thinking about working with me (I see you lurking <3) or are curious about Reiki, now is the time to reach out. I promise to be there when you do.

Megan Soutar