Rest and well-being go hand in hand.

We could all use more rest, a scientific fact, so why are we so opposed to it?

When you read that, what happens in your body? Do you roll your eyes? Do you nod your head? Does it make you feel guilty? Does it make you feel angry, like, I AM getting enough rest, Megan.

I am new to the rest train so trust me, I get it. My Reiki teacher Erica Otto once told me that I may not have really rested for 500 years so, there's that. I have felt the rainbow of emotions above plus many more when, over the years, well meaning people suggested I rest more.

I first allowed myself to rest my physical body when Ed Pimley told me about the science behind rest and how we need it to flush cortisol from our system in order to lean out. Read: I was okay with rest if it made me look leaner.

That was 8 years ago and it wasn't until 2017 that I allowed myself to rest my emotional / energetic / spiritual body. If I am being honest, it wasn't until I became aware that I was pregnant and immediately felt I was caring for another being that I allowed myself to rest when I was spent.

Whenever, wherever for the few short weeks that we were together; if I was tired I lay down, sat down, checked out. I practiced walking more slowly and mindfully and I checked in with her before I moved, before I committed to anything physical. I spoke softly to her, apologetically, when we had to rush. I remember walking to one end of LAX to the other for a connection, holding my belly, whispering, "I'm sorry we're rushing, we're okay, we're almost there.

How beautiful, to care for someone so much that we constantly reassure them that they are ok, that they are safe, that they are loved. After she was gone, it dawned on me: that was exactly how I needed to speak to and care for myself.

So, I did, I gave myself permission to rest whenever I needed to. I was healing my heart break and my physical body after the abortion. Even if I wanted to, which I didn't, I couldn't have moved any faster.

I am so grateful for my baby because she taught me so many lessons; she reminded me to slow down, to rest, to honour my needs and heart. All the things that healers, therapists, trainers and people who love me have been saying for years - "slow down and soften, Megan".

When we rest, we integrate the work we've been doing, be it emotional work, spiritual work, physical work and energetic work. If we continuously rush from one exercise to another, one self help book to another, one healer to another, we never close the loop on our work and never truly integrate the work.

Ask yourself now, right now, am I giving myself permission to rest and if the answer is no, get quiet and ask yourself why not.

And if what concerns you is the physical body alone, I get it, in fact, I just did an interview about it.

Megan Soutar