Give yourself permission to just do you.

What are you beating yourself up about this week? I'll go first in case you're feeling shy.

Not working out enough (even though my body is sore).

Working too much (even though I am in flow).

Not connecting to myself enough / not being social enough. (Can I really be pissed about both?)

I could go on but you get the picture.

When I realized how hard I was being on myself I asked myself what I would say to a friend who was behaving in the same way and I found a never-ending well of compassion for myself. Why was I being so hard on myself when I would never dream of criticizing someone I love (or a perfect stranger for that matter) for those things?

Sometimes we need permission from someone else to treat ourselves kindly, to give ourselves a break and that's ok but it's also important to give ourselves permission to treat ourselves kindly, to be gentle with our own hearts.

Yes, it's important to take care of ourselves, to eat less sugar, to squat more, to forge new connections with people who light us up but when we don't, it's ok. We will when we are ready.

I bet that most of you, like me, have an arsenal of self-care tools at your disposal and a wealth of healthy habits that are ingrained in your day to day life to fall back on when things get turned upside down. When we stop being so hard on ourselves we can tune into the deep knowing that making healthy choices usually comes easy for us, that when we've fallen off our squat plan in the past we've always found our way back and that quality connections have been forged before & will be again

So, allow me to give you permission, right now, to be exactly where you are. Do what comes with ease & light & rest easy with the knowledge that you're exactly where you are meant to be.


Megan Soutar