We are stronger together, it's true.

Can I share something with you, something I know is true? When we come together to lift each other up; magic happens.

Every. Single. Time.

Especially when a group of womxn come together, the group dynamic allows for high vibe support, big, hands in the air celebrations for the all the wins and a hand when the emotional heavy lifting of digging a little deeper into our hearts gets tough.

There is power in the group when it comes to emotional hard work, it feels so good to be supported but honestly, what feels even better, is being there for someone else who just needs to be witnessed in their pain, their joy, their growth, their messy ass work.

I witnessed the powerful connection of the group at a women’s circle I attended, the workshop was hosted and facilitated by the magical Jacqueline Jennings. Trust me when I urge you to drop into her world, online or in person, she is a true inspiration & doing the kind of good paradigm shifting work for womxn, trans people, queer people & women of colour that allows for inclusivity in what was once the world of white woman privilege.

Jacqueline hosted a group of 11 women at Werklab (my fave co-working space) & led us through an empowering & honestly mind blowing and heart opening workshop called Sync Your Cycle. She taught us about the 4 different stages of our menstrual cycles and how we can harness the powerful science (and let’s face it; magic) of the female body and reproductive system to shape our business and personal lives.

Mind. Blowing. Heart. Opening.

You probably feel it, this was an emotional conversation and the women in this circle held space and emotional energy for each other as we shared our experiences & commiserated over the common experience of being human in a modern world that asks A LOT of womxn today. It was truly beautiful.

I LOVE facilitating group work in my coaching practice and if you’re looking for some additional support I’d love it if you would join me. You can join my Facebook group, 3 Good Things on Sunday - a weekly gratitude group, you can join me for Project Purpose a 6-week online group coaching practice or… do both!

Megan Soutar