Client Love

Since working with Megan, I have gotten so clear with myself about what I truly value and how to live towards those values, authentically. She encouraged me to listen to my own voice through silence, breath and meditation. I ignored my own intuition for so long that her voice got very quiet so I’ve had to coax her out and get her to trust me again. Megan also taught me to read between the lines of my own emotional reactions to things - she called me on my bullshit a few times while we were working together and I am so grateful because it’s so easy to believe one’s own stories. Above all, Megan held my hand while I was growing myself and that support was incredibly meaningful and deeply essential.
— S.M. | Intuitive Coaching
When I started seeing Megan for Reiki healing, I was at a place where I felt completely stumped, and in a rut, with no idea of how to move forward, or even sideways. No movement for me! My first session with Megan was transformative, to say the very least! I discovered some big truths, that first appointment with Megan, and so we started down my path of healing.

One thing about the big work, is that it is tough-as-shit, and for me, that meant some uncomfortable tears. Megan was there with me every step of the way, holding space for me at each new truth. I felt supported, and safe even at my most vulnerable. With Megan as my guide, I was able to uncover healing through grounding myself in my body and finding the softness of acceptance in unexpected places. I live my life now with the knowledge that joy, and love, are always options offered to me.

Megan’s home is relaxing, welcoming and full of light. Her practice is based in love and trust, and I know that my time spent working with Megan has changed my life for the better. And I know my wife would agree too!
— S.C. | Reiki + Intuitive Coaching + Soul Purpose
Feeling a bit scattered and like something was ‘off’, I started working with Megan on purpose and values. She guided me to articulate my purpose and helped me identify areas that were holding me back from living in alignment. Megan’s ability to remain grounded and focused on my goals made me feel safe and nurtured through the process. It wasn’t easy. But it was so damn worth it!
— T.T. | Intuitive Coaching - self worth / abundance focus + Soul Purpose