The Work Begins Right Here


You, ready to heal, integrate and transform your pain. Me, seriously thrilled to support you, serve you and hold you accountable on this journey.

Here’s the deal; my greatest intention for our work together is to support your self-healing so you can heal yourself so you can heal the damn world. This is important work and we need you!


I’m here to shine a light on whatever needs healing and walk beside you as you move through this powerful shift in your life.

Through the gift of intuition, research based self development techniques and the power of energy healing, we’ll discover your deepest desires, heal your deepest wounds, emotionally integrate all of it and set the stage for your next act.


Intuitive Readings

Book this session when you need answers ASAP. Get ready to make quick changes and break through blocks, of all kind, in order to realign with confidence and your own clarity. Using intuition and the power of energetic connection to tap into your energetic field, I assist you in reconnecting to your truth and your power.

Be prepared for a spiritual re-org and some serious truth telling, you don’t have time to dance around your deeper truths - it’s time to get clear on what you’re avoiding and bring your awareness to it.

What’s included:

  • Ask me anything! Think of me as your intuitive bestie; you can vent, cry, laugh, share while I listen & help you integrate.

  • 60-75 minutes of energetic & emotional healing, in person, over the phone or from a distance.

  • Channeled messages, readings from your guides and mine, dousing, card readings.

  • I use my gifts and knowledge to keep you grounded, encourage you to go deeper and assist you in moving through blocks so you come out the other side feeling more present, more capable and more connected than before.

  • Post session email + text message access for a little support on the side

  • Homework to help you stay grounded, connected to yourself and moving forward towards the fullest expression of yourself.

  • $150

Intuitive Coaching - Let’s Go Deep (and Commit)

My coaching practice is rooted in connecting you back to you. I offer you one simple question that will change your life; what do I need today? This question connects you back to your heart, voice and intuition and you’ll soon be making more aligned decisions around love, abundance, work and health.

You’ll dig deep into the patterns you’ve developed, consciously and unconsciously, that allow you to escape yourself & your truths and then design a whole new set of beliefs that allow you to stay present and embodied through the inevitable light and dark moments of life - we are always shifting between contraction and expansion, I can help you navigate these shifts with grace.

What’s included:

  • You’re unique which means our work will be too, my coaching method is rooted in Intuition and Positive Psychology and we will work with both after we identify your unique pain points and our unique way of relating. Your success and our alignment is always my first priority.

  • 1 x free 30 minute call to talk all things healing before we commit

  • A pre-call questionnaire to help me learn more about you and what you’re going through

  • 12 x 60 to 90 minute sessions (In person or on Zoom)

  • 1 x 45 minute wrap up call

  • Email + text message access for a little support on the side

  • Homework and resources to keep you on track as you move through this life-changing work

  • $2500


Reiki - Energy Healing

I believe, wholeheartedly, that Reiki allowed me to heal and integrate quickly, while remaining grounded, through many years of hard and sometimes very dark personal work. It is a healing technique that works to find balance and health within our energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual body. It is a perfect stand alone healing method or a perfect complementary practice to any physical or emotional self-development you are currently working on.

Reiki changed my life and has the power to change yours too.

I work in person at my home in Vancouver, BC, via Zoom wherever you are in the world and upon request I will practice distance Reiki with you - sending the loving rays of energy to you whenever you need it.

What’s included in each session:

  • 60-75 minutes of Reiki healing

  • Clearing energy blocks

  • Intuitive communications

  • Clearing and integrating healed traumas and emotional wounds

  • Grounding practices

  • Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing

  • $150 and packages are available for ongoing support and healing


Soul Purpose - Group Coaching Program

Soul Purpose is a 6-week online group coaching program designed to align your life to your soul’s purpose.

We all crave meaning and connection in our lives, discovering our soul’s purpose can help us find it. Consider this your spiritual reboot.If you’ve ever asked yourself what am I doing with my life or why am I here, this course will change your life.

Next cohort begins June 2019, will you be there?